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Upcycled Jar Cover

It's been a while, a summer break in beautiful Germany and visitors have put the blog and crochet on hold. The heat made me a little listless too, although I am definitely NOT complaining about the sun. When have we last had such a glorious summer? I felt a little sorry for the garden though and gave it a sneaky watering just now and again.  

It's cooler right now and hey presto....the urge to crochet has returned once more. I made these little jar covers over a couple of evenings. They are quick to make and so very versatile. They'll take candles, make-up items, bits and bobs  - endless usefulness.  I was very good too and wrote up the pattern straight away. Act quickly and grab it as I intend to put a small price on them all soon. Your feedback as normal will be very much appreciated. 

Have a great week, Heide 

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