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Sunshiny Day

Good Afternoon All,

I hope you are enjoying the glorious sunshine, even though it is still very cold outside. The hat and gloves season is not quite over but let's hope it'll be followed by a hot Spring and Summer! I am not complaining as I'll take the sunshine whichever way it comes, it's so good for the soul.

I have been beavering away at writing up patterns but oh, they do take time. I am just starting out, so there is hope that I will become faster. This is my latest project but I am afraid you will have to wait a short time for the pattern, so please call back if you like this little dude:

This is Colin the Caterpillar and I think he is just adorable. Just right for little fingers to grab 



2 thoughts on “Sunshiny Day

  1. Molly Miller

    Well who's a clever girl then. This is definitely beyond me. What's on your hook at the moment. I'm crocheting a Sweet Unicorn

    1. Croc20Barn18

      Thank you so much for the feedback Molly, it's good to know that the blog is working. In a past job I was working with databases and setting up email broadcasts, so a lot of the functions in the blog make sense. WordPress are providing the template (lots of choice) and you just build your blog around that. Not as difficult as you might think.

      My latest project is an amigurumi mouse. I have started to write up patterns properly as I go along (time permitting) and will post them in this blog if you are at all interested. I am looking forward to seeing your unicorn, I've been thinking of making my own as I can't seem to find a really good one.

      Take care, Heide xx


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