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Christmas Crochet has begun

How is the pre-Christmas crochet rush getting on? Mine is at full speed. So many gorgeous patterns and so little time. The little wreaths are very quick and useful as tree hangers, gift tags, card making elements etc. Who doesn't love them? A pattern will be available in my Christmas Crochet collation which I am working on at present.

There isn't a specific pattern for the 'snowy' baubles. Just pick a couple of snowflake patterns readily available online, making sure that you start with at least 10 chains joined into a ring, then go on to follow the pattern. That is the only adjustment you need to make to fit the crochet over the hanging crown. The best yarn to use is crochet cottons size 15, 10 or 8. Any thicker and it will loose the snow effect and delicate look. Crochet is stretchable so take a bit of tacky glue to stick down the ends of the points of the snowflakes firmly. And......all done. If your baubles are very plain you might want to consider a little glitter glue to give your work some sparkle. 

Keep crocheting and enjoy the festive season 2018. 




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