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About Croc20Barn18

Hello, I am Heide, designer and follower of anything crochet and card....and crochet on card. I hope you find inspiration on this blog.

Fresh of the hook. I started this bag when we had wall to wall sunshine last week. Nothing like a few rays to get you into the summer crochet mood! There is a  pattern which will be available soon, so please visit again and check it out. 

I am working on a beach bag right now, a slightly bigger project than this one. What are you working on? I'd love to hear. 

Have a good long weekend and I hope you'll visit my page again soon. 

Take care, Heide 

Round Basket 2

These two baskets are super quick to crochet and are not only lovely to look at and enhance your bathroom or bedroom, but they are also very useful. Result! They are available for download in my Free Patterns column. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I have. Perfect for a wet and miserable day like today.

I went into a haberdashery, NOT looking for yarn but couldn't help but notice this super chunky grey and white yarn. I didn't need it but what is a girl to do when spotting it. I couldn't possibly leave it on the shelf lol. So glad that I didn't, these three baskets were crocheted in no time at all. A nice little distraction if you are on a long winded crochet project that's starting to bore you and you need a little break from it. The pattern will be available here shortly. 


Easter Card Crochet

Have you thought that smaller crochet, ie applique can look good on card? Designing one can be so simple by printing a greeting directly onto the card, mounting a backing shape onto it and glueing your Easter crochet onto the colourful card (cotton yarns are a perfect medium but wool will stick well too).  Don't stop there though, mixing the two crafts also works well at Christmas and occasions throughout the year. As us crocheters know, nothing is as versatile as working with yarn and a hook, so have a go! There are more examples in my cardmaking gallery .

It seems like the Beast from the East is over, the sun is out and the temperature is rising. Darn, no excuse to sit back and crochet.

I am currently crocheting a hat for one of our smaller family members, but it may be too late for her to wear it by the time it's finished. Oh well, there is always next winter. Here though is a new cuddly that I made earlier. The pattern will be available to you shortly and be posted in my Etsy shop 

Tatty Ted

Have a good weekend everyone 


Good Afternoon All,

I hope you are enjoying the glorious sunshine, even though it is still very cold outside. The hat and gloves season is not quite over but let's hope it'll be followed by a hot Spring and Summer! I am not complaining as I'll take the sunshine whichever way it comes, it's so good for the soul.

I have been beavering away at writing up patterns but oh, they do take time. I am just starting out, so there is hope that I will become faster. This is my latest project but I am afraid you will have to wait a short time for the pattern, so please call back if you like this little dude:

This is Colin the Caterpillar and I think he is just adorable. Just right for little fingers to grab 



Well, it's been a learning curve, which theme to choose and whether to keep it simple or make it an eye candy. My experience with card making has taught me over the years that simple can be just as effective as a full on design. I love the colour combo white/blue so it was an easy choice in the end. There is so much more to come, it just takes a bit of time. 

This is a crochet blog after all so I'll start it off with my last make of 2017 and first of 2018. Amigurumi is one of my favourite crochet themes and I knew this giraffe would be a favourite. It's why he was crocheted twice in slightly different sizes.

Hearty Giraffe

This is a free pattern which I found on

Wow....this is my first ever blog post and I am so glad that I can now join you in the world of crochet blogging. It's early days and I am still finding my feet but I can't wait to show you some of my projects and crafting items

Amigurumi - The Minions
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