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About Croc20Barn18

Hello, I am Heide, designer and follower of anything crochet and card....and crochet on card. I hope you find inspiration on this blog.

The weather is cooler and we are starting to think of special upcoming moments like Halloween. A perfect excuse to get your hooks and yarn out. I've created these two cute pumpkin kids with it in mind. They are a quick make and will make a lovely addition to your Halloween decorations. Little hands (and big) are going to love hugging and squeezing them. 

Keep hooking and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Cheers, Heide x


Recycled Jars/Bottle

It's raining and it's getting colder. A perfect excuse to pull out the hook and yarn and get crocheting. These are various sized jars and a small bottle which has had a yarn overhaul. 

The pattern is the same as for my previous jars, using different sized objects which the pattern can be adapted to. I also used different thicknesses of yarns, from 4-ply to No 10 crochet cottons, and the result is fab every time.  In fact I started covering another bottle this afternoon as the pattern gives such a lovely result.  

Although I crochet more in colder climates, I am not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet. Lets hope there is some more sunshine to come. 

Have a good weekend everyone, Heide 


Samii the Elephant

I could not find a pattern online that fitted my perception of a crocheted elephant. So......I had to come up with one myself. This is Samii my plump young elephant. 

Let's not pretend, the real thing is just so majestic and wonderful that I  can't truly translate it into crochet but hey, Samii turned out just fine.  He was fun to figure out and I am sure some tiny hands will have fun with him and love him to bits. 

I hope you are all coping with the heat and not getting too irritable. If you are not already a hooker, have a go. Crochet is a great stress killer.

Keep on enjoying the sun,



It's been a while, a summer break in beautiful Germany and visitors have put the blog and crochet on hold. The heat made me a little listless too, although I am definitely NOT complaining about the sun. When have we last had such a glorious summer? I felt a little sorry for the garden though and gave it a sneaky watering just now and again.  

It's cooler right now and hey presto....the urge to crochet has returned once more. I made these little jar covers over a couple of evenings. They are quick to make and so very versatile. They'll take candles, make-up items, bits and bobs  - endless usefulness.  I was very good too and wrote up the pattern straight away. Act quickly and grab it as I intend to put a small price on them all soon. Your feedback as normal will be very much appreciated. 

Have a great week, Heide 

Ollie Owl

It's been another productive week even though it's been so warm. I am not moaning but we could do with just a little rain to please our flowerbeds and lawns. The poor garden looks parched. 

Ollie Owl is available as a pattern and you will find him under the My Patterns tab. Boy was he a cool make. The wings took a little time to work out but I am pleased with the result.

I will be a little quieter for a while as we are looking forward to a road trip to Germany to see all the family. Can't wait.

Keep enjoying this fabulous weather........Tschüs for now !

Penny Doll

I wanted to create a basic doll so that I can add various clothing at a later stage. Penny is a flexible little dolly who is tough and can withstand a few knocks and tugs. The original Penny has gone to a lovely home with a little girl called Evie who plays and sleeps with her. I've crocheted these two little Pennies as a backup just in case the original get's lost. We all know how it can pan out when a favourite cuddly gets left behind lol. 

The pattern is available now by clicking on the above image. ss

There will also be a Poncho and Hat pattern available shortly for Penny. I am still working on them. 

Penny Doll Poncho & Hat



Our garden is buzzing with bees at the moment and I love seeing them so hard at work with their bodies fluffy and full with pollen. Where would we be without them! What a great inspiration to create Buzzbee. She is made from pure cotton yarn and will therefore be nice and durable in little hands. The pattern is available right now in my Etsy shop. Any feedback would be much appreciated. 

Have a great afternoon, Heide 


My best and most meaningful achievement this year.....a wedding bouquet for the Bride (my brand new Daughter-in-Law) and a smaller, identical one for the Bridesmaid. I can't believe how well they turned out and I can't help but feel a  little proud.

The pattern is available right now by clicking on the image. 

Have fun making your own! 

Sun, Sea and crochet covered pebbles

A sunny crochet idea but where has the sun gone today? Just as I was getting used to the bright and warm days, grrrr. Here we have some large pebbles (carefully selected for their shape and colour and taken from the local beach. I know, very naughty of me). I used fine cottons to crochet around them. There is no actual pattern this time as the stones vary so much in shape and size. You have to admit though, they ROCK lol.

They can be used as paperweights, doorstops or simply as decoration. I prefer the last, as grouped together they look quite stunning and so different on the window sill or furniture. 

Why not have a go, they are quickly done and create a lot of interest from people. 

As always I would love to see your work, so please get in touch and show it off.


A few people have asked for the pattern for this charming little summer handbag and it has just become available and any feedback would be very much appreciated. Enjoy the sun and the summer crochet. Combining the two is just wonderful, so grab the yarn, a hook and a comfy garden chair and crochet to your heart's content. Time permitting of course!

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