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About Croc20Barn18

Hello, I am Heide, designer and follower of anything crochet and card....and crochet on card. I hope you find inspiration on this blog.

What a fun pair to make. They were a quick crochet project and I was using up just remnants I had laying about. They are such cuties sitting on a shelf or hanging out together somewhere. In my case on my houseplant! I can see them growing into a large fruit family. I am working on Penelope Pineapple right now!

Don't you just love making little baby booties, all the same basic pattern but in different sizes dictated by the thickness of the yarn. If you wanted to you could crochet a variation of cuff finishes. These remind me of ickle cute UGG boots.

At long last we have some SNOW on the Southcoast of England so these booties will be very welcome.

Mini Snowman Wreath

This little snowman wreath makes a lovely window decoration. It's not too big to hang on a large tree or from a door handle. I used fluffy acrylic to crochet around the hoop which is approx 13 cm in diameter and the little snowman (or should it be snow person?) is crocheted in very little time. Great if you wish to gift it away.

The Christmas Crochet is still coming!

Christmas Decoration Set

The Christmas Crochet continues with tree hanging ornaments and shelf decorations. I have tried sparkly copper crochet cotton this year and I am very pleased how it turned out with my mini wreaths and spiral. The cotton however is not easy to get hold of and I bought just the one ball when I was on a visit to my homeland, Germany. Surely, some shop here in England must stock it. Please let me know if you do. 

The Advent season is starting soon, so Christmas decoration crochet is slowly coming to an end, unless it is for gift wrapping ideas. Smaller wreaths are ideal, especially if you crochet them in coordinating colours with your wrapping paper. 

I can't quite believe it's less than 4 weeks to Christmas. Where has this year gone?

I hope you all have a lovely pre-festive time, Heide 


How is the pre-Christmas crochet rush getting on? Mine is at full speed. So many gorgeous patterns and so little time. The little wreaths are very quick and useful as tree hangers, gift tags, card making elements etc. Who doesn't love them? A pattern will be available in my Christmas Crochet collation which I am working on at present.

There isn't a specific pattern for the 'snowy' baubles. Just pick a couple of snowflake patterns readily available online, making sure that you start with at least 10 chains joined into a ring, then go on to follow the pattern. That is the only adjustment you need to make to fit the crochet over the hanging crown. The best yarn to use is crochet cottons size 15, 10 or 8. Any thicker and it will loose the snow effect and delicate look. Crochet is stretchable so take a bit of tacky glue to stick down the ends of the points of the snowflakes firmly. And......all done. If your baubles are very plain you might want to consider a little glitter glue to give your work some sparkle. 

Keep crocheting and enjoy the festive season 2018. 




Spooky Halloween Eyeballs

Well, we have had the pumpkin kids and now we have some Spooky Halloween Eyeballs. They are super quick to crochet and the little people in our lives just love them. Squeeze them, throw them or simply scare with them!

I made them in 4-ply cotton yarns which makes them nice and firm and perfect as a beginners project. 

Hmmmm, what else can I crochet for Halloween?



Lights in a bottle

Autumn has arrived and we have been lucky to be able to enjoy a bit more sunshine, woohoo. It does get very cold in the evening though, providing a perfect excuse to get out your yarn and a hook. 

I've come across a plastic bottle cork which has a string of pretty little lights attached. There is a little switch for them on the cork itself. Inserted into a bottle they provide cosy lighting, so right for the darker evening we are having. I used my jar/bottle cover pattern here to crochet around the bottle and voila, a wonderful soft light source emerges. The pattern can be easily adjusted to the shape of the bottle. Remember, crochet cotton can be stretched every which way if it is not too thick, ideal for fitting onto solid objects like this alcohol bottle.

REMEMBER TO EMPTY IT FIRST.....and that of course is the fun part !!

Have fun with this seasonal make, crocheted as a gift or for yourself.




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