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About Croc20Barn18

Hello, I am Heide, designer and follower of anything crochet and card....and crochet on card. I hope you find inspiration on this blog.

Christmas Wreath

I've been busy with these small wreaths. You can't ever have enough as they are so very versatile! Hang them on your Christmas tree, decorate presents with them, use them as card toppers etc, etc. I make wreaths every Christmas, but always in a slightly different design.

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Tiny Ted

These are Tiny Teds that I have designed and crocheted for a cause close to my heart. First Touch is a charity dedicated to raising funds to support sick and premature babies at the neonatal unit at St George's Hospital in Tooting, London. They are in need of matching pale coloured teddies in pairs for their Memory Boxes, given to every bereaved family.  Knitted or crocheted. One teddy stays in the memory box and the other goes with the baby on their last journey. 

If you think you'd like to contribute with your work please find the patterns below.



You may also wish to use your own patterns in which case you should know that the Teds should not be taller than 6".

The charity also has other projects which you can view on their Facebook page - First Touch 





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It's not long to Easter now and I wanted to make something a little different for the Easter breakfast table. The cosies are quick to make as I used 8/8 cotton yarn which gives them a firm texture and should last well. I think they are very cute and I am pleased with them.

What projects are on your Easter Crochet list?

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Just hanging in there

Easter is quite late this year and it has given me more time to come up with some Easter designs. I love how this bunny is just hanging in there and I am glad I chose such bright colours to display him. Have you spotted the little Easter basket on his back?

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Colourful Poncho

Wouldn't you like to see your little girl in one of these Ponchos? Perfect for wearing in the car on colder evenings. If she falls asleep, you can easily remove it without her waking up. I crocheted this poncho with my youngest granddaughter in mind.

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