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Pebbles that Rock

Sun, Sea and crochet covered pebbles

A sunny crochet idea but where has the sun gone today? Just as I was getting used to the bright and warm days, grrrr. Here we have some large pebbles (carefully selected for their shape and colour and taken from the local beach. I know, very naughty of me). I used fine cottons to crochet around them. There is no actual pattern this time as the stones vary so much in shape and size. You have to admit though, they ROCK lol.

They can be used as paperweights, doorstops or simply as decoration. I prefer the last, as grouped together they look quite stunning and so different on the window sill or furniture. 

Why not have a go, they are quickly done and create a lot of interest from people. 

As always I would love to see your work, so please get in touch and show it off.


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